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About the foundation

The "OUR NORTH" Foundation organizes exhibitions of fossil fauna for advertising the Russian North, attracting attention to the unique culture and the ecology of the region and promoting the image of Russia abroad.

Our exhibits are incomparable remains of the ancient fauna of our planet found in Arctic regions of the Russian Federation.

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Organization of exhibitions

Participation in search expeditions

Ivory distributing

Organization of customized exhibitions

One of our activity areas is organization of interactive exhibitions of frozen mammoths in Russia and abroad. Each exhibition offers a unique chance for the visitor to see mammoths exposed in their natural Northern environment and get plunged into the fascinating pre-historic world.

Virtual tours with mammoths

Already two generations have grown up, who since childhood accustomed to thinking of information through the screens of computers and smartphones. It is a reality that we have to work with. The exhibition required a new language is vibrant, intense addictive flow. Therefore, in our days museums often organize interactive space including installation, with which you can interact.

Such a solution is offered by "Out North" - the opportunity to make a tour to the past in a time machine and witness the lives of mammoths with installations of augmented and virtual reality.

Who benefits from the exhibition

Mining companies

Demonstration of best business practices, social responsibility and care for the environment

Shopping malls and trading companies

PR, attraction of attention to shopping sites

Chambers of commerce and business councils

Cultural exchange, educational projects, promotion of Russian science

Exporting companies

PR, news-making activities in new markets, brand awareness

Organization of exhibitions, exhibition centers, promoters

Income from exhibition organization and administration

Government institutions

Instrument of the "soft power" concept to promote the image of Russia abroad

Advertising agencies

Instrument for marketing campaigns for clients

Samples of successful exhibitions

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