Our mission

To preserve and present the unique historic heritage of the Russian North, the cultural values and the original way of life of northern peoples, the nature and the outlook of Russian northern regions to the whole world.

We offer a chance to people in different parts of the world to learn more about OUR NORTH.

The history of every corner of our Planet is a jewel that has survived time. Keeping her, you provide an invaluable service to future generations.

Vereshchagin N. K.,
Russian paleontologist

The "OUR NORTH" Foundation organizes exhibitions of fossil fauna for advertising the Russian North, attracting attention to the unique culture and the ecology of the region and promoting the image of Russia abroad.

Our exhibits are incomparable remains of the ancient fauna of our planet found in Arctic regions of the Russian Federation.

The core of our collection is frozen and mummified mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses and other fossil animals that inhabited our planet thousands of years ago.

Organization of events

We make it possible for our contemporaries – adults and children – to get in touch with the past of the Earth, to feel an integral part of our common home in the Universe.

The "OUR NORTH" Foundation is a reliable partner which can help you employ the popular enthusiasm about the mammoth for attracting attention to your commercial and social projects through organization of scientific, commercial and charity exhibitions of fossil fauna.

Our established ties with regional authorities and scientific and research institutions, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Geographical Society will enable access to the most valuable exhibits.

The Fund operates a unique freezer with glass cases designed specifically to showcase the frozen mammoths. Because of this, the frozen ancient giants can be exhibited anywhere in the world without any risks.


In the recent years, the interest to the mammoth and other palaeontologic findings have overwhelmed the whole world. The mammoth is now a symbol of extinct fauna that had co-existed with the man for thousands of years.

Exhibitions with frozen or mummified mammoths have been organized all over the globe in the latest 10 years. They are most popular in Asia: Russian mammoths have been to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and other places, to say nothing of Europe and America. The exhibits of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and museums of other regions have made long tours around the world in the recent years.

The topics of the exhibitions are different but the basic idea associated with the mammoth is to emphasize the vulnerability of the nature and the fragility of our world.

Ethnic exhibits

We can not forget about ethnic exhibits that are related to the theme of paleontology. Northern peoples live in a fragile environment closely interdependent with the nature.

Mining corporations often breach the invisible edge. Therefore, protection of the environment and remains of ancient animals that did not survive environmental changes should be the top priority for big business, government institutions and non-government organizations.

Exhibition's opportunities

Companies that organize events related to paleontology get a fantastic PR effect for their business.

Exhibitions and new technologies associated with them can be advantageous advertising events for companies.

The names of organizers and sponsors can be not just signs on the walls, but incorporated into the digital reality. Exhibition concepts that we offer include such modern technologies as 3-D models, virtual and augmented reality.

Show for children and adults

Ancient giant animals attract children as they open doors for them into the mysterious past. Children as well as adults demonstrate great interest in the ancient fauna. After all, it is a lasting impression for every child to get acquainted and spend time with a mammoth!!!

Drawing contests, arts and crafts master classes with different materials and other entertainments including virtual and augmented reality are organized around the giants.



We also offer souvenir models development for organizers, such as interactive toys, figures of mammoths, key chains, stickers, etc. 

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