The "Our North" foundation organizes the supply with all the necessary approvals in Russia and abroad bulk quantities of mammoth tusks and its products, semi-finished parts for further processing, and finished artistic products.

Mammoth ivory is one of the most expensive luxury materials in the world Currently it is the only ivory material which may be obtained for manufacturing purposes.

The physical characteristics of mammoth ivory are unique: the ivory possesses an inimitable palette of colors, which imbues items with a special visual effect resembling an inner glow. The material is extremely pliable and strong traits that have always been valued by master carvers.

It is believed that mammoth ivory is exposed to the earth's strong magnetic fields as it lies buried underground over the course of thousands of years, absorbing this useful energy, which transforms ivory items into talismans. They imbue their possessor with health and longevity and also symbolize the powerful connection between the ages.

Today's bone carving traditions originated deep within the past of bygone millennia Prehistoric peoples created tools out of mammoth ivory as well as amulets, jewelry and religious items.

As these civilizations developed ivory inlays began to be used for the cladding of buildings and statues for inlays in weapons and for other decorative and industrial purposes.

Today, mammoth ivory is mainly used for the production of jewelry and small inlaid products such as figurines, jewelry boxes chess sets and combs.

However one main creative principle is and has always been dominant for items made out of this unique natural material: from start to finish, all the craft work is done by hand.

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