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Over the latest years, a great number of exhibitions with palaeontologic exhibits have been organized. Russian exhibits have been to America, Europe, the Baltic States and South-East Asia. The exhibitions have been focused on different areas from scientific to commercial issues. Mammoths have become an image of giants who had lived side by side with people for thousands of years and then disappeared never to return.

That ancient animal is used in exhibitions with the subject areas from human history to environmental issues. Various exhibits from research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian regions have been provided for such events. Mammoths Chroma, Dima, Yuka, Lyuba and others have been exposed in the various museums all over the world. The most successful exhibitions of the decade are listed below:

"Days of the Far East in Moscow" Festival, Expo Center, Moscow

December 2019

From December 12 to 14th, the annual Festival "Days of the Far East in Moscow hosted in "Expocenter" under the auspices of the Moscow City Hall and the Permanent Representative of the President of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District of Y.P. Trutnev. All regions of the Russian Far East were represented at the festival with their cultural, historical and national characteristics. The baby mammoth Yuka was exhibited in the pavilion of his homeland - Yakutia. Where it was the main attraction. For the first time, interactive technologists were used at the stand and their use will be further expanded.

The IV Festival of the Russian Geographical Society, Zaryadye park, Moscow

September 2019

The IV Festival of the Russian Geographical Society was held in the Zaryadye park on September 13-22, 2019. Guests of the event, without leaving the city, were able to get acquainted with the diverse nature of Russia and the cultural heritage of the peoples of the country from morning to evening during ten days. Festival visitors learnt how to travel around the regions of Russia in an exciting and accessible way. The "Our North" Foundation provided the frozen Mammoth Yuka and cave lion cubs Spartacus and Boris to participate in the Festival. They were exhibited in a special chamber with a temperature of -18 C inside. During the Festival, prehistoric artifacts were seen by more than 500,000 people.

There were a lot of people who wanted to see the mammoth even after the sunset. Yuka and lion cubs have aroused genuine interest among children and adult guests of the Festival.

On the first picture Russian Defense Minister S.K. Shoigu tells the Speaker of the Federation Council V.I. Matviyenko about the prospects of cloning mammoths.


July - September 2013:

With the support of the Russian Embassy in Japan, the YUKA exhibition was held in Yokohama dedicated to Yuka, a mammoth found in Yakutia in 2011 by the Yukagir community (Siberian indigenous minority). 

A frozen woolly rhinoceros and many other palaeontologic exhibits from the collection of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) were demonstrated at the exhibition.

340 thousand of residents and guests of Yokohama came to see the exhibition within a period less than two months. An average visitor bill was 30 EURO (20 for ticket and 10 for souvenirs).

The news on the website of the Russian Embassy in Japan.

HONG KONG EXHIBITION: I Love Lyuba: Baby Mammoth

April - June 2012

The largest shopping centre IFC Mall acted as the organizer of the exhibition. The aim of the exhibition was to attract as many visitors as possible to the new shopping mall within the shortest possible time period using the established interest of the local public to mammoths. Access to the exhibition was free. However, large-scale trade in souvenirs, children's drawing contests, etc. were organized there. The exhibition had wide coverage in the mass media of Hong Kong.

The exposition made the mall so popular that the organizers had to prolong Lyuba' stay in Hong Kong for another month. The project was a 100% PR-oriented event and fully met the expectations of the organizers.

Exhibition official site

EXPO 2005 AICHI (Nagoya)

March - September 2005

The city of Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture, Japan) hosted the world exhibition WORLD EXPO. During 185 days the national halls of almost all countries of the world including Russia were open to visitors.

The main subject of the exhibition was "Wisdom of the Nature". About 21 million people visited the exhibition. The head of a mammoth brought from Yakutia was the favorite in the Russian exhibition.

Huge queues lined up to the main "Global House" hall where the head was demonstrated in a glass chamber at the temperature of permafrost. More than 6 million people, i.e. nearly 1/3 of all the visitors of EXPO 2005 came to see the mammoth.

Proper producing activities enabled the organizers to make a profit of almost 10 billion yen / about 90 million dollars.

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